What is Trekkable?

Right now a huge population of people with mobility challenges (approx. 30 Million) have a really difficult time travelling because they:

a) don’t have the information available to make the right decisions when booking a hotel and

b) suffer from a booking process that is totally broken

Securing a room that fits their needs should not cost extra time, effort, and expense. Trekkable exists to change this situation. By capturing ratings of specific properties through the lens of accessibility, we truly enable anyone with mobility concerns to know what kind of experience they can expect up-front. No longer will you be ‘booking blindfolded’ not knowing what to encounter when arriving.

The second piece of the process we can fix is actually securing the proper room, which includes special services requests that have to be communicated by the customer every time. No longer will Trekkable customers have to walk through a phone tree, 20 minutes at a time to make a special service request. We’re fixing that, too!