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Our Mission

Right now a huge population of people with mobility challenges (approx. 30 Million) have a really difficult time travelling because they a) don’t have the information available to make the right decisions when booking a hotel and b) suffer from a booking process that is totally broken; requiring unneeded time, effort, and expense just to secure a room that fits their needs. Trekkable is changing that!


Find hotels with universally accessible rooms and entryways


We have first-hand experience utilizing universally accessible amenities


Actively engaged with users to take every accessiblity concern into account

We Know Proximity Matters

How We Rate

Is the spacing and furniture placement in the room free and clear? Can a guest reach the outlets, phone, curtains, thermostat, etc? (10 Points)

Is the spacing and setup of the bathroom appropriate? Easy access to sink, a hand-held shower attachment, etc? (10 Points)

How easily navigated are the entries and exits, immediate exterior of the property, and the overall interior? Sometimes the thickness of the carpet + long distances (depending on the location of the room) can be more difficult in some properties, for example. (20 Points)

We all love to have access to great amenities, but Trekkable Customers frequently take advantage of in-hotel services out of the need for absolute convenience. Things like on-site laundry, restaurants and room service, and those new convenient-mart style stores can be a real deciding factors. We also take a look at the basic extras that everyone loves, like hotel pools & hot-tubs, gyms, and anything else that may be available to make sure it fits everyone needs. (20 Points)

Knowing what’s in close proximity to your place of lodging is another factor that is doubly important to Trekkable Customers, as it determines the need for transportation. For anything from seeing bigger attractions, to simple tasks like going out to eat, having to arrange ground transportation can already be difficult. We get a sense of what’s desirable that is just around the corner, so you can make the most convenient decision. (20 Points)

For those in the business of being hospitable, we hope they’re always welcoming. How service providers respond in a moment of challenge however, is always the most telling. Trekkable Customers may encounter challenges along the way, despite the way a room is set up, or a building is built. It’s in those moments that some service providers have a chance to really shine, and so we do our best to show you which ones you can expect to be top-performers in hospitality. (20 Points)

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